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Wholesale Bath and Body Gift Sets

We carry a great selection of wholesale bath and body gift sets. We also dropship any of our bath and body gift sets products right to your customer, with no dropshipping fees. The products listed below is our current inventory of bath and body gift sets. Register or login to start using us as your product supplier for these items or for more information on our dropshipping program, please visit our home page.

Cucumber Basil Bath Gift Set
Item #: 10016027    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $12.60
Night Rose And Sandalwood Bath Gift Set
Item #: 10016026    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $12.60
Vanilla Scented Bath And Body Basket Set
Item #: 10015828    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $22.00
Blueberry Scented Bath And Body Basket Set
Item #: 10015829    Brand: Aromanice  
Gold Price: $22.00
Eco Purity Bath Set In Basket
Item #: 10015300    Brand: Aromanice  
Gold Price: $10.97
Woven Basket Bath Set Trio
Item #: 10015299    Brand: Aromanice  
Gold Price: $9.40
Lavender And Sage Basket Bath Set
Item #: 15264    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $16.49
Suheli Driftwood Bath Ensemble
Item #: 14760    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $5.51
Eco-nomy Deluxe Bath Basket
Item #: D1121    Brand: Eco-nomy  
Gold Price: $13.60
Eco-nomy Deluxe Spa Set
Item #: D1122    Brand: Eco-nomy  
Gold Price: $17.12
Sandalwood Naturals Spa Basket
Item #: 14433    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $19.79
  On Sale - Save 48%  
Vanilla Mist Bath & Body
Item #: 14334    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $41.48 -   Sale Price: $25.63  
Tropical Fruits Shower Gel Set
Item #: 13249    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $6.25
Ginger Therapy Gift Set
Item #: 34185    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $16.75
Healing Spa Bath Basket
Item #: 12565    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $22.00
Vanilla Milk Gift Set
Item #: 34183    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $10.97
Fine French Bath Set
Item #: 35624    Brand: Home Locomotion  
Gold Price: $6.25

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