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Wholesale Bath and Body
Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise Drop Shipping carries a huge list of Wholesale Bath and Body that are available for immediate sale right to your customers. We've choosen a few items that you might like and that are available now on the Sunrise site:
14 Pieces Pedicure Set
Image for 14 Pieces Pedicure Set
Mani Pedi Set With Nail Dryer
Image for Mani Pedi Set With Nail Dryer
14 Piece Manicure Set
Image for 14 Piece Manicure Set
These great Wholesale Bath and Body include:
  • 14 Pieces Pedicure Set - Member Price: $11.79
    Everything you need to prep your toes for polish! Set includes 14 pieces: 4 nail care sticks Nail brush 2 toe separators Loofah pad Sponge applicator attachment Coarse buffer attachment Nail brush attachment Fine buffer attachment Pedicure machine Satin storage pouch Operates with 2 AA batteries (not included). Item weight: 0.50lbsItem dimensions: 2.50" W x 7.75" H x 10.75" LMaterials: Plastic
  • Mani Pedi Set With Nail Dryer - Member Price: $17.90
    Get a professional manicure at home without breaking the bank! Do it yourself with this mani/pedi kit and nail dryer. This kit includes: Nail Dryer Cordless Power Handle with LED light 6 attachments including: Cylinder Polisher Polishing Disc Trimming Disc Buffing Disc Shape Cone Grinder Cuticle Barrel And a storage case to hold the attachments and handle Nail dryer and Handle with LED light both operate with 2 AA batteries each. Batteries not included. Item weight: 1.00lbsItem dimensions: 3.00" W x 9.00" H x 8.00" LMaterials: Plastic Metal
  • 14 Piece Manicure Set - Member Price: $11.79
    Give yourself the ultimate manicure at home and skip the salon! This fantastic set includes everything you need to keep your nails looking great. You get a variety of attachments for the manicure machine and the whole set has a convenient storage pouch to help keep it all together when not in use. This Ultimate Manicure Set includes: Manicure Machine Smoothing Stone Attachment Shaping Stone Attachment Conditioning Buffer Attachment Finishing Buffer Attachment Ridge Buffer Attachment Storage Box For Attachments 3 Nail Care Sticks Nail Brush 4-Way Buffing Block Emery Board Satin Storage Pouch Item weight: 0.60lbsItem dimensions: 3.00" W x 8.00" H x 11.00" LMaterials: Plastic
If you're looking for products like these or something similar, we carry a huge amount at great wholesale prices. As a member, you can post these for sale on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, CraigsList, your own website and many more places. The steps to making money are easy! You sell the Wholesale Bath and Body at the retail price and buy it from Sunrise at the wholesale price. The leftover amount is pure profit right in your pocket!

These items and other awesome products are available now online directly from our catalog.

To see our entire line of Wholesale Bath and Body, please register for a membership or visit our wholesale drop shipping home page for more information.