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Wholesale Bath and Body
Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise Drop Shipping carries a huge list of Wholesale Bath and Body that are available for immediate sale right to your customers. We've choosen a few items that you might like and that are available now on the Sunrise site:
Conair Shower Radio (pink)
Image for Conair Shower Radio (pink)
Conair Wall 1-setting Heavy Rain Showerhead With Microban
Image for Conair Wall 1-setting Heavy Rain Showerhead With Microban
Sangean Am And Fm Shower Radio With Bluetooth Connectivity
Image for Sangean Am And Fm Shower Radio With Bluetooth Connectivity
These great Wholesale Bath and Body include:
  • Conair Shower Radio (pink) - Member Price: $10.30
    With AM and FM reception, this shower radio from Conair allows you to listen to your favorite music, listen to talk shows, and catch up on the news. And you can hang it in the shower for clear, beautiful sound even while shampooing your hair. The shower radio adds new dimension to your shower experience. Stylish design, clean features and station reception make this shower radio rivals any other. Not only does this radio look great, but it is so water resistant it is almost submersible.Am and fm Shower Radio With Easy Hang-on Hook Volume Control Easy Push On and off Control Station Dial Water Resistant Operates On 4 AAA Batteries Pink
  • Conair Wall 1-setting Heavy Rain Showerhead With Microban - Member Price: $17.25
    The Conair Wall 1-S Heavy Rain Showerhead with Microban prevents mildew, mold and odor. Includes 5-foot hose, arm bracket & Teflon tapeMicroban Antimicrobial Protection Fights Mildew Mold & Bacteria Causes Odors & Stains For The Life Of The Product 1 Spray Setting 2.5g Per Minute Includes 5-foot Hose, Arm Bracket & Teflon Tape
  • Sangean Am And Fm Shower Radio With Bluetooth Connectivity - Member Price: $79.89
    The AM/FM Shower Radio with Bluetooth Connectivity from Sangean is a water-resistant, 2-watt speaker with an emergency buzzer and emergency LED illumination. You'll love the large and easy-to-read LCD display and adjustable short timer, and the easy-to-fix bracket and hanger let you position your radio wherever you want it.Am and fm Shower Radio With Bluetooth Connectivity 10 Memory Preset Stations (5 Fm, 5 Am) Waterproof Up To Jis7 Standard Water-resistant 2w Speaker Large & Easy-to-read LCD Display Clock Emergency LED Illumination (torch) Emergency Buzzer Battery Power Indicator Auto Seek Station Adjustable Sleep Timer Adjustable Short Timer Built-in Fm and am Antenna Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming
If you're looking for products like these or something similar, we carry a huge amount at great wholesale prices. As a member, you can post these for sale on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, CraigsList, your own website and many more places. The steps to making money are easy! You sell the Wholesale Bath and Body at the retail price and buy it from Sunrise at the wholesale price. The leftover amount is pure profit right in your pocket!

These items and other awesome products are available now online directly from our catalog.

To see our entire line of Wholesale Bath and Body, please register for a membership or visit our wholesale drop shipping home page for more information.

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